How Can We Help / How Can You Help

Become a maker or volunteer

If you own or have access to one or more 3D printers and are in the Bristol/Bath area, you can join us in producing HTP products for the NHS staff, key workers and school staff. Alternatively, you can volunteer to work on our factory days, quality checking, cleaning and packing HTP products ready for delivery or collection
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Support us

We are completely self-funded but our own wallets can only stretch so far. We need a constant flow of materials coming in. If you don't have a 3D printer but would like to help, you can donate to our Just Giving page and help us purchase our materials and other resources.
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Do you need our products?

If you are an NHS or worker, or schooling staff in or around the Bristol/Bath area (we may be able to help NHS facilities outside of these areas) and require HTP equipment, please let us know and we will do what we can to supply you with what you need.
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Who are we?

Helping the NHS and front-line workers in the Bristol and Bath areas stay safe through collaboration

We are a crowd-funded collaboration of makers in the Bath and Bristol areas, working together to produce and distribute face coverings, mask clips and anti-cross contamination tools to NHS staff, key workers and school staff, for free.

Using 3D printing, we are producing thousands of units a week which our front line workers are crying out for.

Our equipment is already being used by front-line workers but we are inundated with requests for more, from everywhere from ICU to care homes, and we need your help to meet these requirements.

If you have a 3D printer and would like to join us, please let us know HERE!

If you don’t have a 3D printer but would still like to support us, you can MAKE A DONATION which will be used to purchase materials and equipment to continue and scale our production line.

We are not charging anything for the products we are supplying and are not working for any company or corporation. Our sole goal is to ensure our NHS staff and front-line workers have the tools they need to fight the Covid19 virus.

What Do We Make?

Primarily using 3D printing, we are producing Premium Plastic Equipment using designs and a production and delivery line which has been approved by the NHS. We are constantly working on improving what we can offer our front-line heroes, but these are the main items we are currenltly supplying:

Face Coverings

A clear barrier that clips onto your head using a comfortable yet sturdy band and covers the entire face.

Mask Clips

These mask clips help ensure masks are sufficiently tight around the wearers face and also prevent rubbing and strain on the back of the ears

UEA DoorMate

A 3D printed multi-tool that can open and close doors and press door code/lift buttons, without having to use your hands, therefore helping to prevent cross contamination.
See how the DoorMate works and learn more about it here.

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion for a product which is desperately needed by our front-line workers and you feel would be possible for our team to produce, please LET US KNOW

Request HTP equipment for your department


We are proud of the work our volunteers are doing and we like to keep you posted on the latest developments. Read personal stories from our makers and front-line workers here.
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