The situation

As many of you know, 2 weeks ago we were forced to stop production and distribution of our vital face shields due to newly instated government regulations. Before the new regulations we had been distributing as many as 3,000 face shields, thousands of mask clips and hundreds of DoorMate tools every single week, but with one government press release, the face shields were shut down immediately. We have however continued to supply hundreds of ear saving mask clips, and cross-contamination busting DoorMate tools to help keep our front line workers safe during this time!

The new regulations required that any organisation, group or individual must obtain CE certification to be able to distribute PPE to anyone, regardless of whether they were charging for it or not.

Not only was CE certification made a requirement, but self certification (which is usually an option) was not allowed, forcing us to face a fee of almost £5,000 for a certification company to process our new design, and an estimated 2-3 week wait once we’d delivered the new design.

As soon as these regulations were brought in, our team immediately sprung into action and were following multiple avenues to ensure that we could move past this road block as fast as possible.

We are very happy to announce that we now have a very positive update on this situation.

Latest news for non-healthcare professionals

First of all, we have received permission from Trading Standards to distribute our old design of our face covers to non-healthcare professionals. This is fantastic news as we currently have approximately 2,000 of these units at our factory waiting to be sent which would have been recycled if it wasn’t for this brilliant news. We are currently just waiting to hear back on approval for our new disclaimer for the old designs and, as soon as we have that, we will begin accepting orders from non-healthcare professionals for our face covers. We are hoping this will happen before this Saturday so keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates.

The term healthcare professional was strictly used in the new regulations, this means anyone working in a medical environment. As a result, people who WILL be able to request our old design include schools and key workers, but nurses, doctors, care home workers etc will unfortunately have to wait until our new design is released.

NEW UPDATE: We have now received full permission to proceed with this and non-healthcare professionals are now able to request face coverings once more! [14:30 | 26.05.20]

We also have very good news for all the healthcare professionals out there who desperately need to start receiving our equipment again!

Latest news for healthcare professionals

The government department for CE certification is now working closely with us (and a couple of other groups) on designing a new standardised face shield band. Once the design is complete, they will be CE certifying it themselves meaning we will not have to pay £5,000, and they should be able to fast track it to only take 1 week for processing. Once certified, this design will also be made available for anyone to use so that other groups like HTP around the country will be able to start producing face shields again.

We of course ensure that everything we produce and distribute, whether it is our old face covers or the new face shields, are processed using our strict quality control, stress testing, and 3 stage sanitation process before being packed for distribution, and will continue to do so as we move forwards.

On the 27th May we hosted a live Q&A session on Facebook to answer any questions you may have on this subject. You can now watch back the Q&A session here.

Thank you for all the help and support you have been sending our way, it is making such a difference!

Stay home and stay safe!

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