Hack The Pandemic has been operating for over 3 months now and in that time we’ve produced and distributed over 10,000 face covers, almost 6,000 mask clips, and over 1,500 UEA DoorMate tools.

We thought you may be interested to see where all this HTP equipment has ended up so we’ve put together some charts to show you.

Here you can see a basic breakdown of where our face coverings (previously called ‘Face Shields’) have been distributed to:

Here are similar breakdowns for both mask clips and the UEA DoorMate tools:

The Medical & Healthcare category covers quite a few sectors which have been bundled together to make these charts easier to read. However, if you’re interested in seeing the breakdown of the 84.2% of Face Shields which were distributed to Medical & Healthcare sectors, here’s our final chart:

The ‘Pre-Audit’ section refers to face shields which were distributed early on in HTP before a full auditing system had been put in place. At this point, only medical facilities such as hospitals were receiving our equipment and whilst we have figures for how many units were produced, we don’t have exact records for how many went to which facility during that time, hence a separate category.

The figures for all these charts refer to all HTP equipment that had been produced and delivered/collected by Sunday 14th June 2020.

Our production rate is beginning to increase again and our funds are starting to run low. If you would like to support us you can donate to our JustGiving page, where funds will be used for materials needed to continue producing this vital emergency equipment.

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