If you live in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas, please join us to become one of our makers be applying here.

If however you don’t live within our area and would like to produce face shields for your own areas, you can download our H.T.P. Face Shield and H.T.P. Mask clip designs below.

!Please note! If you are not one of our members and do not supply your prints through us, they will not receive the agreed sterilisation and processing that is required by many hospitals and NHS facilities. As a result, any units printed and distributed not through us can not be referred to as H.T.P. (Hack The Pandemic) PPE.

If you have questions about our sanitation and processing and wish to set up a similar service in your area, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of our website, thank you!

Face Shields

(Note: All face shields to be printed solid. This can be achieved either with 100% infill or by increasing perimeters to 6/7 etc. The best & fastest settings vary per printer.)

H.T.P. Face Shield

Due to the new government imposed regulations we are currently stopping all production of the HTP Face Shields until we have CE certification.

Mask Clips

H.T.P. Mask Clips V4 – Single

H.T.P. Mask Clip V4 – Laser Cutting File


Face Shield Assembly Instructions


The HTP BustUino for automation (More Info Here)