Big Announcement – Please Read!

Hi everyone,

The story so far
When we first started up way back in March, our goal was a clear one, to meet the overwhelming demand for PPE whilst official production lines caught up, and to help stem the spread of the virus by protecting the front line workers.Over the past 4 and a half months, we have gone above and beyond these goals, with over 100 makers, 50 drivers and 30 factory volunteers, we made, sanitised and delivered over 10,000 face covers, 6,000 mask clips, and 1,500 UEA DoorMate tools to NHS staff, care homes, schools, and so many more!
We are so proud of every one of our volunteers and what they have allowed us to achieve.

However, the pandemic is not over yet and therefore, neither are we! As long as there is the threat of a PPE shortage during this pandemic, we will remain ready to react, and so we would like to update you with our plan moving forwards.

The plan
Due to a decrease in demand and an increase in supply through official channels, the market is now saturated with face shields and, as a result, Hack The Pandemic will be going into a state of hibernation. 
There will be one more factory day, on the 15th August (where as usual, if you place an order on our website you will be able to come and collect in person, or we can have one of our volunteers deliver to you), after which we will be putting all our production and distribution on pause until January 2021.

During this period of ‘hibernation’, we will retain our current funding and resources and we will be monitoring the state of PPE availability in the country. If there is a second spike of Covid which the official suppliers struggle to keep up with, we will be ready to re-launch immediately. 
If, by January 2021 we have not had to start back up, and if it looks like there will no longer be a need for us, we will begin to distribute our assets, and our funds to appropriate causes which we will announce closer to the time. 

What about the CE certification?
We will also not stop working towards obtaining our CE certification so that if there is a second wave, we are able to supply healthcare professionals.

Could I buy some face shields from you for my work?
Over the last few weeks, we have received a lot of requests from businesses asking if we would sell them face covers. We have always said from the very start that we will never sell our face shields, and we stand by that. We started HTP to help key workers in a time there wasn’t any other options, but today, when the market is saturated with face shields available for purchase, we don’t feel it’s right to use our voluntary based network to produce PPE.

Finally we’d not only like to say a huge thank you to all of our volunteers, but to everyone out there who has supported us, to the front line workers who have and continue to protect us, and to everyone else who is doing their part to stem the spread of this virus.
So for now, we have one more month of operation until we pause and take a break, but we will always be here if you have any questions and rest assured, if the need for us arises again, we will return!

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