At Hack The Pandemic we are doing all we can to help as many people as we can, but there is only so much we can do and so far we can reach.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been contacted be people as far as California and Brazil, asking if we can help them set up a similar setup to Hack The Pandemic.

Whilst we can’t extend Hack The Pandemic itself out to these areas, we can offer our help, and so we’ve set up Hack The Pandemic International, an information and resource guide to setting up an HTP style group to help deliver life saving PPE, for free, to front-line workers that are out of our reach.

At HTP International you’ll find everything you need to know to set up and run a functional PPE production line, files for the PPE itself (with regional adaptations), and general advice for anyone looking into setting up their own PPE service.

We’d like to stress that this information is provided on good faith to help those starting out, and is only intended to be used for those who wish to supply PPE for free to front line workers. It is also not an invitation to use the Hack The Pandemic brand. As we would be unable to ensure any groups using our information are following our strict health regulations, we wouldn’t feel comfortable representing them under the same name, but we are always here and happy to help if people have questions or need advice.

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