If you are looking to request HTP products from us but aren’t sure what they are, please refer to the guide below.
If you’d like to place a request for any of these items for free, you can do so here.

HTP Face Coverings

The HTP Face Covering is a clear barrier and comfortable yet sturdy plastic head band that clips onto the head and covers the full face.

HTP Ear Saving Mask Clips

The mask clips are to be used with face masks where the elastic clips around the ears. Instead of clipping the elastic around the ears which can cause soreness and pain over extended periods of use, clip the elastic of your face mask around the mask clip on the back of your head.

UEA DoorMate

The UEA DoorMate is a tool designed to minimise cross contamination in the work place when using doors, elevators, and key panels. You can read more about the doormate tools here.