We are happy to announce that in addition to the Hack The Pandemic face shields and mask clips, you can now also request the UEA DoorMate tool.

The DoorMate is a tool designed by Dr Aram SAEED at the University of East Anglia aimed at reducing cross contamination in hospitals and around the work place when using doors, lifts and keypads.

The video above gives you an idea of how it can be used, but proper care is still important to ensure cross contamination does not occur.

The tool is still making contact with contaminated surfaces so you need to be careful not to touch those surfaces yourself. You also need to ensure that the contaminated parts of the DoorMate don’t come into contact with a surface that is otherwise considered clean.

Where possible, regularly clean your DoorMate, ideally by dipping in 80% alcohol.

You can request DoorMate tools along with face shields and mask clips for free, for yourself and your colleagues working on the front line from our website now.

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