This week the UK government announced new requirements which prevents organisations such as us from producing and distributing PPE without obtaining a CE certification.

Despite the fact that our designs and process (including our 3 stage sanitation setup) has been prepared alongside discussions and recommendations with the NHS, and that our designs have been tested and approved by the PPE departments of a growing number of large NHS facilities, we now have a long and expensive process ahead of us.

Not only will this be setting us back in getting PPE to you and your colleagues, it will also cost us almost £5000 which is the equivalent to thousands of units we could instead be making and distributing.

This new regulation that has come out of the blue also means that everything you see in these photos below is now classified as unusable. We are planning on having this recycled back into new filament to be re-printed, but as half of these have all been post processed, many of them may not be suitable for recycled. That said, we make a point to produce our parts from bio-plastics which have a lesser impact on the environment and under the right conditions can biodegrade.

For now we will be holding onto these parts in the hope that we will get permission to distribute these to non-healthcare professionals. If we don’t get permission to do this, we will aim to have these recycled into filament to print the new design once certified.

These excessive regulations in a time of national emergency are putting lives at risk and preventing thousands of people from accessing vital PPE, as well as wasting thousands of pounds of donated money to acquire this certification.

We understand the importance of regulation and certification, it is there to keep us safe and has made our world a better place as a result. But the way these new regulations have been implemented, and with the dizzying costs involved (which are obligatory as self certification has been banned for this new regulation) is an insult to both the people volunteering their time and money to make this PPE, and to those who desperately need it.

The new regulations treats us like a business who is trying to make profit, and is charging us for the privilege of providing free PPE to those who need it.

Our team is working hard on securing this certification as soon as possible, but it may take 2-3 weeks before we will be able to start supplying face shields again.

If there was any way we could continue to supply face shields to anyone during this time we would of course do so but at the moment if we were to continue distributing PPE we could face serious legal complications.

Whilst we can’t currently supply face shields, we can still offer ear saving mask clips and the DoorMate tool to help reduce cross contamination when using doors and elevators.

We are deeply sorry for this and hope to be fully operational again as soon as possible.

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