Here’s a glimpse inside the workings of our factory where we process everything we produce before it’s distributed.

Everything our makers produce is brought to our factory where it’s logged, quality checked, stress tested, and run through a multi-stage sanitation process including UV light, cleansing and medical grade alcohol baths, before being packed ready for collection or delivery.

Social distancing is always maintained during factory days and cross contamination risks are closely monitored to ensure our team remains safe and healthy, and to ensure our products are clean and ready for use.

Remember, if you’re a healthcare professional, you can still request DoorMate tools and mask clips from us, and if you’re a non-healthcare key worker, you can also request face coverings from us.

Simply visit our website at to place a request!

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to know the latest on our work to be able to start distributing face coverings to you again, take a look at our latest article:…

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